Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 4 - A long one

First, thanks for checking my blog. Second, if you haven't been to my blog yet check out the first post as it explains what we are doing here for a terrific charity.

No pictures today since there was nothing to take a picture of! Just a long day in the high desert of New Mexico and north Texas. More than 400 miles recorded without a hitch. We wound up in Fort Stockton TX which is in the middle of nowhere, and tomorrow it is a 600+ mile drive to Brownsville TX, on the Mexican border. Got our Mexican insurance all lined up and also arranged a meeting on the Mexico/Guatemala border to transfer title to the truck when we enter Guatemala. Right now it is sleeting outside and we may get some snow overnight. Kind of tired of the cold (14F in Taos this morning) so hitting the border will be a pleasant change.

Hope all of you are well and your holiday planning is going smoothly. Please take the time now to go to and make your donation to this worthy group if you haven't already done so, and again thanks to those of you who have.

Best to all...


  1. Take a picture of the border and one of the title transfer. That will be memorable. Keep on truckin!

  2. Go to for an approximate map of their progress.