Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 5 - An even longer one

So we finally made it to the the Brownsville Texas/Matamoros Mexico border after a 600 mile drive. Total so far 2,374 miles and Old Red is chugging along without a hitch. Checked the oil again today and again none gone! Long, yucky day with rain the whole time (see photo). Tomorrow the real adventure starts as we head into Mexico. First day we go to Tampico on the gulf coast. Got about a 300 mile drive but the internet says it will take about 9 hours. Another sore butt day...

Donations are rolling in and we hope they increase a lot more! If you haven't donated yet, please take a few minutes and go to lampcharity.org/donate and do so now. It's quick and easy. If you already have, hurray for you and for LAMP and especially the people of Guatemala! Remember, all donations are tax deductible.

I know the pictures as of late have been rather meager, but I promise they will get better and we will have more of them.

Thanks for following our blog and please pass the word along...


  1. Have you learned to drive standing up yet? (Ask Dad about the trip to Nevada in his buddy's MG with the 1" thick seat padding.)

    Your trip is, to use our neighbor Ruth Mary's words, fabulous and incredible. What a day yesterday! and 9 more hours to go tomorrow. Thank you for the great photos. Love the one with the boots off. Mom

    Don, How could you cross 500 miles of the US and take no photos? You could have taken one then rotated it left, then right, etc and produced a whole album of that day. We're glad you made it another day with good ol' Red. Vaya con Dios. Dad

  2. Check out Walgreen's and see if they have a whoopee cushion.