Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 2

429 miles today: Las Vegas to Kayenta, AZ, which is in the heart of the Navajo nation. Lots of scenery of the desert southwest, and a bit of weather as well - got some snow near the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Tomorrow we head to Taos with another snowstorm forecast, and of course we have no chains. But it's flat out here, right? Old Red chugging along nicely, still cruising at 75 when the sign says it's ok...


  1. Good thing the heater still works. Wear that out since they won't need it in Jalapa. I was thinking about upgrading my seat to first class for the trip to Guatemala next week but I think I will tough it out like you guys. Well not exactly like you... Travel safe.

  2. Hi, guys! Good to see Old Red loaded up and ready for New Mexico. Glad to see that big old storm cloud anywhere but on your heels. Hope to see snow 0, Snows 1 on your trip to Taos.

    Love, Mom

  3. Wow! I just heard from Johnto about the trip. What a great thing you two are doing. Okay, enough with the all is well. Looking forward to hearing more.

    Little Brudda