Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, it's only a week and a half before we leave. I had a chance to load Old Red up with firewood over the weekend - the last of hundreds over the years...
I've got a couple of questions for anyone interested. First, any suggestions on places of interest or which route we should take? We're going to have to take a more southern route to avoid snow chances I would imagine. I do plan on entering Mexico at Brownsville, so if anyone has driven through Mexico along the Gulf Coast any helpful hints would be most appreciated. Second, any suggestions on what I should do to Old Red to prepare for the journey? Darn thing runs just fine so I am leaning towards just an oil change. Seems to me that if I did something like change the transmission oil I might jinx the thing...


  1. Yer Nutz!


    - spare tire
    - flat repair kit with CO2 cartridge
    - emergency food and water
    - Bud Light

  2. Good luck Don - I donated to the cause.


    Mike Goyette
    Pleasant View Gardens