Sunday, November 29, 2009

Third Day

I sure hope everyone had a great Thanskiving Holiday. Let's not forget what giving thanks is all about...
As for our journey on the third day: Wow! Checked the oil first thing this morning and not a drop gone! We may just make it! Got to Taos New Mexico today (another 400 +/- miles) going over the Continental Divide (almost 8,000 feet) via Monument Valley - some awesome sights plus a bit more snow than yesterday. Dropped off the hutch that we were lugging along safe and sound at my buddy Bob's house (it looks awesome!). Next two days will be brutal - going all the way to Brownsville Texas in just two days (about 1100 miles).

I want to thank ALL of you who have donated already most sincerely for your generous contributions. This means so much to the people of Jalapa, who honestly need the money more than we do. I spoke with one of the founders of LAMP this evening and apparently they suffered a severe drought in Jalapa this year so they need your donations even more desperately than before. Please spread the word to your friends and coworkers about this needy cause! Think about making a donation in a friend's or family member's name instead of sweating over what to give them for Christmas. It will make both you and your loved one feel that much better! Here's how to donate:

From COLD but pretty Taos, Don and Ruth, sore butts and all


  1. Keep on truckin Don! Best of luck.

  2. Hi, y'all. (the accent is in honor of John and Nisi's new rescued cat, Louie, from New Orleans)

    Great pictures! Wonderful scenery! Have you tried camping out (even for a moment)? The big news here is that we may have a sunny day tomorrow. Hope your warm-up in Texas is sunny and humid--another way to appreciate Jalapa.

    Love, Mom and Dad