Friday, November 27, 2009

First day done! Started with 359,506 miles on the odometer, and went 485 miles today. Old Red ran like a champ... First stop was the mailbox to send out property tax bill, second stop was fifty feet later to snag out an oak branch we picked up at the mailbox. Got kinda lost and wound up in Las Vegas. Our journey took us on a dirt road this morning - my choice and I believe quite appropriate considering Old Red's history. We also wound up with some extra baggage - we're hauling a hutch that was made in Mexico to my buddy Bob's house in Taos. That's a couple of days away and snow is in the forecast. Tomorrow off to ??? We'll let you know then.

Cheers for now...

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  1. Hey, throw a couple of quarters in the slot for LAMP. They might get lucky!