Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Only a couple of days to go now before we leave. I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have so generously donated so far. The response has been tremendous! I thought I was nuts for doing this but we work in such a fantastic industry I just knew you all would support this crazy effort. Just to let you know, I will miss Old Red tremendously. I NEED a truck so will have to buy one when we get back. Two weekends ago I hauled my last load of firewood, and just yesterday hauled a tractor in the back of Old Red for a couple hundred miles. Darn thing just keeps chugging along.

Couple of things to mention: first, Goldsmith Seeds isn't the only flower seed company that has a farm in Jalapa. Pan American Seed has a farm at the other end of town where they produce seed and cuttings. Second, Rick Brown of Riverview Farms actually posted my story on his website! Check it out at

What a generous group you all are. I'll check back in Friday after the fist day on the road (Aromas CA to Henderson NV).


  1. Good luck Don! It's awesome what you're doing. I'm really proud of you. Pete and I just donated and I got some friends to chip in as well.

    Enjoy the journey!


  2. Best of luck amigo!

    Brian Weesies
    Mast Young Plants